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Book Review: Diversion of Death by Thalorh Balram

Diversion of Death
Author: Thalorh Balram
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 2/5

It is said that pain eases with time but the wounds do not disappear. The scars still tell a story. ‘Diversion of Death’ is a love story that is not only clichéd but also predictable. Revolving around Arjun, a resolute young boy who hails from a middle-class background, and Aananya, whose mind is befuddled with the concept of class distinction, this story is about how their paths cross in the journey called life! Believing in the saying that fortune favours the bold, Arjun decides to burn the midnight oil and ace the test given by life. He works his way up the ladder of social standing and makes himself capable (read eligible) of being in a relationship with Aananya. But destiny has different plans.

This story is about heartbreak and narrates the experience from Arjun’s point of view. After the traumatizing event, he nearly succumbs to the chasm. Accompanied by grief and pain, his state of being urges him to give up. But he decides otherwise and fights tooth and nail to win the battle against death. He meets Nidhi a little later and then the usual happens. However, the author’s desperate attempt to leave this story at a cliffhanger fails miserably because of the unanswered questions. Another loophole in the book is the poor editing. With plenty of grammatical errors, the story failed to impress me. I think more attention to plotting and editing was needed before trying to present old wine in a new bottle!

Overall, ‘Diversion of Death’ not only has a confusing title but also has a muddled premise. One might like the first half of the story but later it becomes all the more difficult to tie the loose ends of the story together.

Best wishes to the author!

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