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Book Review: Done With Love by Shuchi Singh

Done With Love
Author: Shuchi Singh
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3/5

One of the most vexing concepts that surround us is that of love. Knowing fairly well that love is intangible and abstract, we still battle with our instincts to redefine love in the ways we find comfortable. Done With Love is a total Bollywood-style romantic comedy that explores the pathos and elation that comes with the feeling of love. It is funny, genuine and exhibits plenty of raw emotions.

Kairavi, as the protagonist is called, is a girl who believes that she and her boyfriend, Vivian, are meant to be together. Even though Vivian has some apprehensions about moving in together, or even getting married, Kairavi’s cockamamie heart believes that a ‘happily ever after’ awaits her. Consequently, when she realizes that she has been betrayed in love, her mind urges her to move on but her heart still clings on to Vivian. Amidst their on and off relationship status, we get glimpses of how money is imperative for happiness and how love is paramount for inner peace.

Kairavi is like any other single woman who is desperate to find love, hold on to it and eventually transform it into a long-lasting relationship. She is outspoken, smart and thinks on her feet. She knows how to get her man back from the clutches of a ravenous temptress. She knows how to deal with an escort, she knows when to spill the beans and when to fake smiles before her best friend. The only thing she doesn’t know is how to handle the matters of her heart. She is vulnerable. Therefore, the moment Vivian apologises to her or comes closer, she melts.

Another problem with the plot is the inconsequential role of characters like Karan and Ravi. Even Kapil’s character is unexplored. More depth was needed for these roles to suffice as a sidekick in the story.

Even though the story is uneventful and very much predictable, Done With Love is a fact-paced breezy read. I could spot editing errors here and there but the reason that these errors stood out was the flat tone of the plot. The twists could have done the trick. Nevertheless, the story is a light read for sure and can be given a try.

Best wishes to the author!

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