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Book Review: Inside a Dark Box by Ritu Vaishnav

Inside a Dark Box
Author: Ritu Vaishnav
Publisher: Penguin Publishers

Depression is a topic that is often considered as a taboo and hence, not talked about. Most of the people are unable to reach out to others for help because of the stigma associated with this term. Using subtle pencil sketching, Rujuta Thakurdesai brings the concept of the dark box to life. Written and conceptualized by Ritu Vaishnav, Inside a Dark Box is a hardback book that portrays the pathos associated with depression in measured words.

Inside a Dark Box illustrates how uncomfortable and suffocating it is to be confined within the walls of the box- the dark box. With no light source, one might often get the feeling of giving up but that’s when the inner strength comes into play and tries to eliminate the darkness. This inner strength or the will power encourages the person to overcome sadness and makes place for hope and optimism.

Overall, this book, very subtly, explores the plight of the mind when it is vulnerable. The first look of the book is impressive but I wonder if kids will enjoy reading this.

Best wishes to the author!

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