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Book Review: Don’t Put on Weight While Working From Home by Jan Yager

Don’t Put on Weight While Working From Home
Author: Jan Yager
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 2/5

One of the most talked-about issues during the times of lockdown is the fluctuating bodyweight that is the result of lack of physical exercise and long hours of sitting in one place. However many books you read, however many webinars you watch, nothing can be as fruitful as the realization of getting into action and burning those calories. Hence, this book, ‘Don’t Put on Weight While Working From Home’, doesn’t offer anything new that one doesn’t already know.

All in all, the book is divided into four short parts. The first part describes the importance of beginning afresh and having a resolute mindset to follow the healthy habits for 21 days at a stretch because that is exactly the number of days one takes to get into the habit of something. The author encourages the readers to manage time efficiently now that all of us have enough of it. In the third part, very briefly though, the author explains the aftermath of not knowing the psychological aspects of overeating and weight challenges. I found this section quite interesting because of the examples and situations which sounded relatable. For instance, the author urges the readers to first identify the reasons behind overeating. She further explains how it is imperative to feel the emotions rather than compensating them using food as a sedative. The last section, of course, explains the 21-day phenomena- the phase of developing a habit.

I wished that the book covered a little more details. It might be a self-help book but I don’t think the content is going to motivate anyone enough to begin focusing on the diet and ensuring that they indulge in a balanced meal. The writing is simple and the author makes sure she doesn’t use incomprehensible terms (for a layman).

Overall, this book can be skipped, for I feel there are better books in the market about weight loss and proper time management.

Best wishes to the author!

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