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World Environment Day- Is It a Happy One?

This post is going to be really short, for I am too overwhelmed by the actions of my own kind that words seem inept.

I just wrote these lines a few minutes back. They aren’t great, I know. But they speak my heart, I know.

Happy World Environment Day, everyone.

Let’s take a pledge that we would do our bit in saving the environment in the best way possible.


A little present arrived at my doorstep-
Shoots sprouted tearing apart the white packaging.
When I pulled the string that held it all together,
Sprung up a tiny little ball of blue.

The blue ball had many a green shoot
Hanging, dangling, twirling and expanding.
I tried to pull one out and it shrieked.
I tried to caress the other and it embraced my finger.

I knew little of what to do with the blue ball-
I did know that I couldn’t throw it away,
For life thrived on it and in a way,
It gave my life a purpose too!

I spent the time to nurture the shoots,
I spent time loving and caring for,
In return, the plants bore fruits and
In time, many new shoots sprung up too!

My friends, too, had this ball.
But not everyone cared for it,
Some dipped the ball in dirty water,
Some cut the shoots and the ball became all black.

They didn’t feel bad when the ball lost its lustre.
It didn’t hurt them when the shrieking intensified.

How cruel and different can humans be!
How selfless and submissive can the shoots be!
It is all about time, you know,
When the roles will reverse and remorse will fill our heart!

Copyright@Enakshi 🙂

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