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Book Review: Eat to Prevent and Control Disease by La Fonceur

Eat to Prevent and Control Disease
Author: La Fonceur
Publisher: Emerald Books
Rating: 3/5

With the market now flooded with books that discuss the healthy eating habits and also provide tips that can help one achieve a balanced diet, it becomes very difficult to rate the books. The USP is the only factor based on which one can choose one out of the plenty! Eat to Prevent and Control Disease is yet another book that discusses the foods that lead to the onset of ailments like diabetes, hypertension, etc and also mentions the foods that can help combat these illnesses and keep the troubles at bay.

Written deftly with well-researched data, this book offers informative content in lucid language. The author has divided the book into several sections (four, namely). The first section deals with the different kinds of foods that can aid in preventing diseases. The second part discusses the onset, progression, control and treatment of some of the most common diseases. The third part deals with the foods and recipes that can help one fight these diseases and the last part gives suggestions that can help one include these foods/ diet plans into one’s lifestyle.

I liked the book because it doesn’t cover all things in one go. The author only chooses three diseases to talk about and that limits the content of the book. It is said that little knowledge is a dangerous thing and the author, I think, takes this seriously, for she brings forth detailed information about some of the most common illnesses. Overall, it is a good endeavour and the information provided is definitely helpful.

Best wishes to the author!

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