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#Review: Frances and the Monster by Refe Tuma

Frances and the Monster
Author: Refe Tuma

Reading Goosebumps was one of my favourite pastimes during childhood. The way the ghost story would progress, the anxiety and goosebumps would leave me wanting for more. Luckily, I had a similar (not-to-that-extent) experience reading Frances and the Monster. This story is more real and more petrifying for sure. When Frances is overcome by a sense of regret after he brings a monster back to life, he doesn’t know what lies ahead. A gruesome battle that puts several relationships at stake and makes Frances question his own decision leads the plot further. An intelligent chimp and a loyal friend help Frances till they can in his quest to save the town from impending destruction.

Frances and the Monster is funny at times but mostly has a taut narrative that grips the attention well. I found the vocabulary interesting; it felt like reading a lyrical narrative. The font was something I totally disliked. Frances appears in shades of grey; you might feel the urge of hating him for creating the problem and you might even like his genuine concern afterwards. I liked Luca’s character too. However small a role he had, he did make his presence felt. Overall, Frances and the Monster is an interesting one!

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