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#Review: Mountains and Rivers of India by Sonia Mehta

Mountains and Rivers of India
Author: Sonia Mehta
Publisher: Puffin Books

I have been reading Sonia Mehta’s collection of informative books that offer insightful information about various aspects of our country and I would be lying if I say that her books are not the best! The new one to the addition, Mountains and Rivers of India, is another beautiful addition to the collection. In this one, there are two sections- one is totally devoted to the mountains and the other is reserved for the water bodies.

Right from the Anaimalai Hills in Munnar, the Vindhya Range, the Aravalli Range to the Satpura Range, the Purvanchal Range and the Great Himalayas, this section of the book is amazing. Being a traveller by passion, I didn’t expect reading about these green/brown giants would be so much fun! I wished I had paid more attention to detail in school. The descriptions are kept short and the beautiful pictures are alluring. The second part deals with the Ganges, the Chenab and many more rivers that are backed by folklores and interesting stories.

This is yet another book that I am treasuring for my kid because I’m sure she will enjoy reading about the rivers and mountains more using this book than her coursebook!

Best wishes to the author!

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