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#Review: From Dependence to Self-reliance by Bimal Jalan

From Dependence to Self-reliance
Author: Bimal Jalan
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 4/5

The story of our nation’s grit and competence is not uncommon. India has now been able to carve a niche in the field of medicine and technology. From Dependence to Self-reliance is about India’s journey to becoming self-sufficient and independent. Written by the former governor of RBI, this book throws light on the areas of utmost importance and the areas that can help India become an economic stronghold.

Divided into three sections- economy, governance and politics- each section highlights the changes/ reforms that can be brought about owing to a stronger political hold and position of the government. Keeping in mind the evolving patterns of investment and trading in our country, it is the need of the hour to revamp the market and its understanding. More awareness about stocks and bonds can eventually help businesses once the general public starts investing. Similarly, introducing healthcare reforms and working towards the literacy rates can further act as a boon for India’s development. Discussing all these points, the author presents a taut account of what needs to be and how there’s enough fish in the water for the nation. Survival isn’t a problem but remaining in one place is! There’s a chapter that lays emphasis on India becoming an efficient supplier of services by avoiding production of certain types of goods. It is also important for the government policies to be a little more flexible and provide the necessary relaxation and support to the new businesses. Hence, From Dependence to Self-reliance is suitable for the current times.

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