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#Review: Lost Girl by Sana Shetty

Lost Girl
Author: Sana Shetty
Publisher: Harper Collins, India
Rating: 4.5/5

Lost Girl is taut yet enjoyable. It’s a closed book drama that ensues in the mysterious and formidable hills in Fagu. Written passionately, this story leaves the readers in a conundrum of finding out the protagonist’s past. It revolves around the themes of friendship, trust, betrayal, acceptance and redemption. Trust me when I say this (because it’s rare that a thriller grips me to this extent)- this book is amazing!

Shanaya is found half-dead amidst the wild shrubs. She is taken in by the Josephs, Vanessa- the ex-cop, and Aiden- the cafe owner. They care for Shanaya as if she were their own. She is lucky to get Phavit and Nima as her friends but things do not go as planned, for a stranger begins to send Shanaya down the bleak memory lane. The deplorable peculiarity of the first encounter with the stranger catches Shanaya and all her dear ones unawares. That’s when the real who, why, what and how chase begins. In the attempt to unearth what went behind Shanaya’s disappearance from her past life, each of these characters tries their best to unravel secrets. What they are unaware of is that if they open the can of worms, they might sink into the bottomless pit themselves.

Amidst betrayal and political influence, things take an interesting turn. What’s better is that this story has a seamless flow. People die and the readers are able to come to grips with that truth. Extremely well-written, Lost Girl is a complete pot-boiler. Though there are typos and proofreading errors, those can be overlooked, I promise (mostly because of an interesting storyline). Some characters remain etched for long- like Aiden, Yug and Namita, while some do their part as necessary. Hence, it’s a win-win show for the author!

I simply loved this book. Definitely recommended!

Best wishes to the author!

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