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#Review: Granny’s Tales by Ruskin Bond

Granny's Tales
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Ruskin Bond is one of the most acclaimed writers in India. His pieces don’t fail to touch hearts and leave behind a lingering lesson to reflect upon. This collection of 15 tales is also all about nostalgia and gratitude for the more minor things in life.

From The Cherry Tree which explores the growth and blossoming of a cherry tree to Chachi’s Funeral which explores the pathos of losing a dear friend and the importance of relationships at large, each story has round characters that, quite often, sound relatable. There are some great pieces on nature and its omnipresence like Angry River and A Walk Through Garhwal. There’s another short poem Granny’s Tree-Climbing that encourages everyone to do what they desire irrespective of any invisible boundary that makes them question their decision. The stories are true in their appeal and offer genuine moments of introspection if read consciously. The writing, as always, is admirable- simple yet effective.

Hence, this is a great book for children. The only drawback I could see was the small font which doesn’t accentuate the reading experience in any way.

Best wishes to the author!

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