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#Review: Sleepytime Tales by Sonia Mehta

Sleepytime Tales
Nico Numero and Curious Curie
Author: Sonia Mehta
Publisher: Penguinsters

For as long as I have read and shared Sonia Mehta’s books, I have stated with pride that they are immaculately illustrated informative books that cater to cognitive and critical thinking skills. Her books are interactive and offer longer spans of engaged and self-directed learning.

The Sleepytime Tales have quirky characters who never miss any opportunity to showcase their talent or display some of the core life values. Whether it is Curious Curie, who can understand animals and birds or Nico Numero, who can make the numbers dance to his tunes, each character is observant and utilizes his/her experience to do something good for others. Helping friends in distress, solving problems that often go unnoticed and exploring the world, in general, are some of the common events in these stories.

Written passionately and illustrated with attention to detail, this book series is a must-have for children. Each book comprises several short stories and each of them has a few core subjects like Science and Math.

Hence, recommended.

Best wishes to the author!

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