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#Review: Great Indian Children’s Stories

Great Indian Children's Stories
Editor: Stephen Alter
Publisher: Aleph Book Company

An assorted collection of short stories, Great Indian Children’s Stories comprises 9 stories that revolve around the themes of jealousy, inquisition, societal pressure, imagination and unspoken love in various forms. Most of them-we know yet the beauty of these stories lies in re-reading them. Ruskin Bond’s Blue Umbrella, Stephan Alter’s Vikram Betaal, Premchand’s Idgah- all of them have an element of realization and evoke genuine emotions. My favourite among them all was Shashi Tharoor’s The Boutique because of the language, of course, and the premise. How beautifully he captures the essence and power that resides in simplicity! It teaches us the importance of cutting the dress according to the cloth. Similarly, the other stories, too, offer insightful lessons.

Great Indian Children’s Stories is a good book to treasure but if you have already read the stories in this one, you shall like this only if you’re willing to re-read them in a better font and beautiful presentation.

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