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#Review: The Greatest Telugu Stories Ever Told

The Greatest Telugu Stories Ever Told
Translated by Dasu Krishnamoorty & Tamraparni Dasu
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 4/5

Aleph Book Company’s collection of various Greatest Stories is one I was after because I had heard and read so much about it. Finally, I got my hands on the Telugu Stories which comprise 21 stories covering the themes of love, exploitation by society, loss, grief and nostalgia. With a simple yet strong plot, most of these stories are going to make you retrospect and walk down memory lane in an attempt to empathize with the characters.

While The Madiga Girl deals with the pathos of a poor woman who strives to make the ends meet for her family by selling her body, An Ideal Man deals with the importance of helping others without expecting anything in return. As clear as it is, each story is different and the perspective that it offers into the circumstances of the characters is worth relishing. Simple stories like The Truant are good enough to be read once. But they lack any major plot twist. Hence, this anthology is a miscellany of the emotions and feelings of people caught in the whirlpool of life. Some are relatable while some are just there to cater to our imagination.

Overall, The Greatest Telugu Stories Ever Told is worth a try. Go ahead and buy it.

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