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Book Review: Happy Sexy Millionaire by Steven Bartlett

Happy Sexy Millionaire
Steven Bartlett
Hachette India
Rating: 4/5

Success is defined differently for every individual. Hence, even if you read several books on how to achieve contentment in life and be blissfully happy, there are chances that you might not be able to implement all the principles correctly. In a way, those are just suggestions that might or might not help you climb the ladder of peace. Therefore, Happy Sexy Millionaire is one such book loaded with anecdotes and personal experiences that act as alternative pathways which can lead to satisfaction and happiness.

Happy Sexy Millionaire has an interesting layout and lucid language. The author calls this book his intervention that helped him rise after he hit rock bottom. He busts several myths that are often a part of the unsolicited suggestions that society never fails to give. Advocating the importance of following your gut and turning a blind eye to all the judgements and negative criticism, he encourages the readers to develop their own strategy to combat failure. Using a pragmatic approach, this book highlights the importance of maintaining a steady balance between work and life and managing personal affairs with strong decision-making power. Quoting several examples and using an ample number of diagrams and graphs, the author proves his point quite easily. But like I mentioned earlier, different people have different strokes. It’s always good to read about how others cope with failure but to confuse ‘your admirations with your aspirations’ is foolishness!

Overall, Happy Sexy Millionaire stresses on the importance of going back to the basics and adopting measures that were followed by people back then. Another great attempt that promises to be as interesting as the author claims! It is worth a try!

Best wishes to the author!

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