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Book Review: Hats, Hoods and Humiliation by Hiranya Verma

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation
Author: Hiranya Verma
Publisher: Self Published
Rating: 3/5

Anyone who has a problem with ‘Skins’ obviously doesn’t understand teenage life.
Nicholas Hoult

Teenage years are those years of your life when everything either seems right or seems wrong. There is no mid-way. You can either be lying on a bed of roses, literally or be surrounded by problems that seem unsolvable. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about the fact that those are the best years of your life because you just learn to be responsible. You can still depend on your parents to come to your rescue. But your parents alone cannot help you sail through these turbulent years. You need your mind and heart in complete harmony as well.

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation is a book that expresses the turmoil of teenage years right from the horse’s mouth. Written by a young girl of ten, this book comprises of her experiences and observations. The young author mentions how bullying and abuse, in any form, can take a heavy toll on someone’s mind. Thus, she provides a simple takeaway after every lesson. Using metonymies and symbolism in the title itself, the author does a wonderful job portraying her feelings. The book has grammatical errors that cannot be ignored. Also, it is like old wine being presented in a new bottle.

Kudos to the little girl for writing a book. Not many of us are able to that at such a young age.

Overall, this book is a quick one-time read. It is really good for children. Adults, too, can take lessons and read the first-hand account by a young girl.

Best wishes to the author!

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