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#Review: Hauntings by Abhirup Dhar

Author: Abhirup Dhar
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 5/5

Whether or not you believe in ghosts is not the bone of contention here. If you find this book interesting or if the encounters force you to walk down the terrifying memory lane, then you can safely start believing in the paranormal or anything that’s more like a paradox. No explanation. No logic. Just something that can raise the hair on your body!

Dhar’s Hauntings is a compilation of some really petrifying real-life encounters that can make you quake in your boots. There are instances of uncanny appearances, unexplained happenings in and around houses, irresistible urges to walk into the void spaces and strangely familiar sounds beckoning someone living. What’s common in all these stories is the approach the IPS team takes to restore the balance between the living and the dead.

While many might say that exorcism is the last resort to a paranormal problem, it is interesting to read about how imperative it is to empathize with the dead who were once there in flesh and blood. To summon these dissatisfied spirits and establish boundaries are two very important tasks that the Indian Paranormal Society indulges in even today. Hence, these encounters, however scary they might sound, do have a closure.

Written deftly without adding unnecessary flair to the already tense setting, Hauntings is delectable in terms of comprehension and creative expression. Since the stories are real-life events, they impact differently. Overall, it’s a book worth every penny.

Best wishes to the author!

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