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#Review: The Prince of Tabor by Dr Penn White & Kevin White

The Prince of Tabor
Authors: Dr Penn White & Kevin White
Rating: ⅘

2023 couldn’t have been better without Nathaniel’s and Jacoby’s adventure, for they are not mere fictional heroes or underdogs, they are exemplars of strength, willpower and resilience- some of the qualities that are very essential in today’s world. The Prince of Tabor promises riveting action and poignant drama because there are supernatural creatures that don’t bat an eyelid even upon being hit hard. And then there are these two young and handsome boys, who are on a quest to survive and, at the same time, reclaim the title. This is a story that has all the elements of a young adult fantasy world- a palace, a prince, armies of goblins and wolf-men, orcs, whimsical saviours and a flavour of Norse Mythology.

The Prince of Tabor is a story about Nathaniel, who is taken to a safe haven, the noisy and loud Steamside before the enemies could have their hands on him. He is brought up by his brother, Jacoby, following the disintegration of the palace town, Tabor. Orphaned at such a young age, Nathaniel faces a plethora of problems from coming to grips with the truth and accepting his fate to fight for what is rightfully his and preserving some of the most cherishable friendships. Yet the royal blood in his veins readies him for an impending battle that would be the final verdict. Power-hungry and malicious, Crepitus plays a duplicitous game to gain more power at the expense of life and collateral damage to the property. But he has to be stopped. And that’s when Nathaniel’s purpose comes to fruition.

Depicted with candour and grace, Nathaniel’s character, the emotionally battered child, is well-crafted. He’s likeable. But more so, Jacoby wins clearly because of his genuine audacious self and his altruistic side. The combination makes reading a joyous experience. What stands out in this world of fantasy is a taut narrative. The author definitely knows the threads he wants to pull and the ones he wants to leave loose. Hence, what is delivered on a platter is a collation of great action, nerve-biting encounters, overwhelming rendezvous and satisfactory goodbyes. The cliffhanger is delectable as it leaves the door ajar for a complete show of Nathaniel’s personality in the upcoming part. Yet the elementary style of narration robbed the effect it would have had otherwise. That’s purely subjective too. It’s not a drawback; it’s just something I wished to see and experience.

Overall, The Prince of Tabor is a fresh fantasy fiction that offers a new realm and brand new characters to root for. The gripping plot is sure to leave young readers enthralled.

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