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Book Review: Hit and Run by Lori Matthews

Hit and Run
Lori Matthews
Wild Coyote Press
Rating: 4

When I was in college, I used to binge read romantic fiction by Mills and Boon. Gradually, the interest in those books faded as I developed an inclination towards more diverse stories. However, reading Hit and Run took me back to those lovely/ dreamy days when thinking about your prince in the shining armour was considered normal. The story opens in Juneau, Alaska. Dani, a young, fierce and resolute woman is on the run, hiding from the people who want to get hold of the facial-recognition software that she is building. She is a ‘hacker’ who breaches the security as if it were a piece of cake! Hired for her protection is Gage, a tall, fair and handsome man who makes her go weak in the knees (only figuratively. The story pans around their escape, obstacles, loss, fatal attraction and the aftermath of an unprecedented adventure.

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