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Book Review: Somewhere, I Talk to the Moon by Samiksha Rungta

Somewhere, I Talk to the Moon
Poet: Samiksha Rungta
Publisher: Leadstart Inkstate
Rating: 3.5/5

Reading ‘Somewhere, I Talk to the Moon’ reminded me of an old song that had impacted me greatly. It was ‘Let Her Go by Passenger’. The song describes how one realizes the importance of the things/people around when one loses them. The premise of this book is similar. This poetry collection highlights the importance of loving self and accepting that one is the best version of oneself. The poems also describe how the human mind works: always eager to jump the gun and reach the conclusion without giving a second thought. Using personal experiences, the poet presents a wonderful collection that is not only enjoyable but also relatable.

Covering varied themes and diverse topics like relationships, co-existence, innate fears and apprehensions and the ways of the world, this anthology of poems makes you introspect and think about the situations in a new light. Often I found myself smiling because my perspective matched with that of the poet. The second part of the book comprises the shorts i.e. short poems that use a minimum number of words to express the most. Some of my favourites include Catastrophe, Usual, Rainbow and Enshrined. The words are simple and the free verse adds to the candour of the poet’s thoughts. To add to the pleasure, the poet has added a picture after every poem and that definitely helps the readers associate well with the words.

Overall, Somewhere, I Talk to the Moon is a soothing collection of retrospective poems that urge the reader to peep within the mind of the poet and try to find a common ground.

Best wishes to the poet.

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