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Book Review: How the Onion Got Its Layers by Sudha Murthy

How the Onion Got Its Layers
Author: Sudha Murthy
Publisher: Puffin Publishers

Sudha Murthy is adored by children because of her simple yet evocative writing. Her stories are quite realistic and are set in a completely palatable background. Well, this new book by her is a little different. It talks about how she let her imagination run wild when she was a child and eventually discovered the truths that no one ever told her.

How the Onion Got Its Layers does justice to its name because the story is about how an onion got its layer! It’s enjoyable and funny. The children are sure to fall in love with colourful illustrations. The story revolves around a young princess who has an obsession for clothes. I know it sounds bizarre. You would be wondering how can a princess’ obsession with clothes be connected with Onion’s layers. Well, that’s the catch. The story is interesting and has an unanticipated climax.

Read this not only because it is by Sudha Murthy. Read this because it will transport you to a world where everything is possible.

Best wishes to the author!

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