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#Review: In Pursuit of Ecstacy by Sujata Parashar

In Pursuit of Ecstacy
Author: Sujata Parashar
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Rating: 3/5

Life’s not a bed of roses. Every stage has its share of problems. The real victory, therefore, lies in overcoming fears and conquering the battles without thinking about giving up. Based on a similar lesson, In Pursuit of Ecstacy touches upon the cliched problems of teenage years and the aftermath of following what the heart desires blindly. This story is about friendship, introspection and the realization that life’s fair to all even amidst its tumultuous and maze-like structure!

Aparajita, Deepanita, Siddharth and Aniket are like every other college-going teen, with wings like that of a vulture yet weighed down by the expectations and conservative mindset of their parents. The best part about these four friends is their audacity to question norms and come alive as relatable people than mere caricatures. With a limited number of (expected) twists, this story is like a movie with plenty of genuine moments of drama, action and anticipation of what’s going to happen next. Hence, a good pot-boiler!

A straightforward narrative and quite a predictable plotline form the crux of In Pursuit of Ecstacy. When four friends get caught in the whirlwind of drugs and substance abuse, their lives are turned upside down. From being carefree and careless, they are forced to weigh all odds and measure each move, for their future is at stake. Amidst all this chaos, feelings find the right home and the heart gets attacked by Cupid. All in all, what lies in store for the reader is a heartwarming ending that promises closure. What didn’t quite fit right for me was the augmentation of tension.

Overall, In Pursuit of Ecstacy is worth a try, for it’s a breezy read!

Best wishes to the author!

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