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#Review: Happily Insured by Kapil Mehta

Happily Insured
Author: Kapil Mehta
Publisher: Harper business
Rating: 5/5

I bought this book because I’m dependent on my spouse for any kind of insurance. With time, I have surely understood the necessity of being aware and being prepared. Hence, when this book’s title claimed that it is an easy guide to know about assets, products, insurance, etc, I opted for Happily Insured. Divided into three major sections: Products, Process and Purpose, the author neatly conveys the purpose of knowing and questioning about things that matter when opting for the right insurance policy.

‘When you think of insurance, focus on the downsides and higher than normal risk.’ The first section quite comprehensively deals with the products that need to be insured- health, life, pension, property, travel and vehicle. Why and how to get the insurance right form the crux of this section. The second section deals with the process of getting insured. Throughout the reading process, the anecdotal examples aid in understanding the importance of spending money on something that promises returns only when something (one) valuable is lost. Hence, the writing style makes it easier for the non-interested reader to grasp content.

I liked the book. It has helped me for sure to some extent. That’s why, it would not be a poor investment if you buy this guide.


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