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#Review: Inni and Bobo Find Each Other by Soha Ali Khan & Kunal Khemmu

Inni and Bobo Find Each Other
Authors: Soha Ali Khan & Kunal Khemu
Publisher: Puffin Books

Filled with the innocence of a young mind, Inni and Bobo Find Each Other is a short story about a young girl who loves animals. When given a chance to adopt a puppy, she jumps with joy. Upon realizing that she has to choose one from many, her heart chooses Bobo, the brown pup that’s loved by all his comrades. And so begins Inni’s and Bobo’s journey of love, adventure and happy times.

I must congratulate the actor couple for this simple yet impactful story that not only highlights the unbiased heart of the children but also throws light on the fact that if given an opportunity, children, too, can take some really important decisions. Accompanied with beautiful illustrations, this story is visually quite appealing. Hence, children would love it.

Do get a copy because it’s worth it.

Best wishes to the authors!

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