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Book Review: Kali’s Retribution by Abhinav

Kali’s Retribution (Book #2 in the Kalki Chronicles)
Author: Abhinav
Publisher: Penguin Books

The Kalki Chronicles is part mythology and part contemporary fiction that traces Anirudh’s journey of retrospection and realization as the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu. This is one of those book series where the author deftly shuffles between two timelines and piques the interest of the readers with enough cliffhangers. Kali’s Retribution is the second book in the series and it focuses on the duel between Anirudh, who has now accepted his new reality and identified his purpose too, and Kali, the lord of Evil. The battle to conquer the mortal world is something to look out for in this book.

As Anirudh continues his quest to possess the weapon that can help in saving the world from eternal doom, he falls in love, a segment that didn’t quite align with the intent and context of the plot. With Padma’s character appearing more like a caricature, the shift in the focus of the plot is unsatisfactory. Yet again, Abhinav impresses with vivid imagery and taut narrative. However, I still feel better proofreading could have done justice to the intelligent plot. I liked the progression of the plot. It was well-paced for a reader like me who doesn’t enjoy mythological fiction that much.

Overall, Kali’s Retribution leaves the readers wanting for the final installment even more.

Best wishes to the author!

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