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Book Review: The Ascendance of Evil by Abhinav

The Ascendance of Evil (Book #3 in the Kalki Chronicles)
: Abhinav
Publisher: Penguin Books

Here comes the final book in the Kalki Chronicles that concludes the battle between good and evil, leaving the readers more hopeful and enlightened. Anirudh’s mysterious death and his revival help in the progression of the story. In this book, Anirudh’s character is explored with greater intent and that brings life to this avatar of Lord Vishnu. With satire in place and personification of Prakriti playing the right role, the author meticulously crafts the details that conclude the long lost battle. Deriving the protagonist’s learning from Bhagwad Gita, the story touches upon the spiritual aspect as well. It blends seamlessly.

The Ascendance of Evil is filled with drama and action. The narrative is taut and the dialogues are simple. Yet again, Anirudh’s character takes the ropes in his hands and drives the plot. Characters like Ashwatthama, Avyay, Parashurama, Vyasa and several others aid the development of the story. It is interesting to note how the past and the present coincide to such an extent that you might be forced to associate the evil present in today’s world with how Kali would have had his way!

Overall, I am greatly satisfied with Kalki Chronicles. It’s the first mythology fiction that I have completely read and the ease of flow and simple language aided my reading journey!
Best wishes to the author!

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