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Book Review: Karma Meets a Zombie by Evan Purcell

Karma Meets a Zombie
Author: Evan Purcell
Publisher: Duckbill Books

It is often considered a pleasure when one is given a chance to escape into a fictitious world where fairies get things done, elves play around with you, witches and wizards fight all the bad and the best things of the world come for free. However, a concocted world might not always be a good world; a world of the dead might as well be used as a setting. Well mixing and merging the good and the bad, Evan Purcell’s Karma Meets a Zombie is a thrilling ride into the world of the Zombies. It is a little scary (for the children) at times and becomes funny in the very next moment.

This book is not meant to scare the children; it is just for fun. A young boy named Karma is a Ghosthunter, much like Ed and Lorainne of The Conjuring- only less grim, less gory and less bloody! The story is about Karma’s decision of allowing his dead friend (who is now a zombie) to attend school. Dubious about his choice, Karma questions his decision every moment because he doesn’t want to harm other children. But something weird happens. The story illustrates how friends stick by your side through the thick and the thin. It also highlights the importance of being courageous and standing for what you think is right.

Overall, Karma Meets a Zombie is a light read for the children. They will be spared the horrific details but will enjoy delving into the lives of those who take a step forward to help others.

Best wishes to the author.

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