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Book Review: Be Your Own Sunshine by James Allen

Be Your Own Sunshine
Author: James Allen
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Our mind is a labyrinth of thoughts- thoughts that are not necessarily positive at all times. When fate rolls the dice and circumstances change, thoughts are unchained and that side of the personality is revealed which, most often, remains hidden. But it is not impossible to harness all the good and discard the negative. One of the books that can guide you through this process of transforming the mind is Be Your Own Sunshine by James Allen.

A collection of four works, this book stresses on channelizing the thoughts in such a way that all vices are eliminated. Allen mentions that the human mind is like a garden which can either be ‘intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild’. If one doesn’t care enough to sow useful seeds, the weeds will destroy the land eventually. Using beautiful analogies, Allen accomplishes the task of convincing the readers that the ‘circumstances of the outer world impact the thoughts of our inner world’. He goes on to discuss the aftermath of negative thoughts and shares how badly that affects the mental, social, emotional and physical health of an individual.

In the second section, he talks about the passion for doing something. This section reminded me of IKIGAI and I found the content quite similar. He mentions how a focussed mind and a clear goal can aid in achieving success and eventually peace of mind. The third section, Man: King of Mind, Body and Circumstance, connects with the first section and emphasises on the use of the mind in the right way. The last section, Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success, coincides with the second section and the author proves that it is imperative to be clear-headed and be ready to make an effort to live your dreams.

Be Your Own Sunshine is powerful, useful and relatable. The examples are from our daily life and thus, it seems easier to follow the author’s message. I loved the language. At times, I had to refer a dictionary and that, my dear friends, is what drew me to this book. The idea that deterioration of health is perpetuated through inadvertence is quite clear. The quality of the book is splendid and the content is top-notch.

Overall, Be Your Own Sunshine needs to be read at least once, for it has all the motivation and inspiration that are required to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Best wishes to the author!

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