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#Review: Knowing by Mark Cox

Poet: Mark Cox
Publisher: Press 53
Rating: 4.5/5

Mark Cox’s collection of poems in “Knowing” offers a raw and unflinching exploration of life’s highs and lows through the lens of personal experience. Cox’s candid reflections on love, drinking, travel, and the inevitable missteps that shape relationships are delivered with a blend of sobering clarity and humorous self-awareness. His narrative voice is unapologetic and brutally honest, capturing moments of vulnerability and regret alongside flashes of resilience and insight.

Central to Cox’s themes is the struggle with identity and the consequences of his actions, such as the memorable incident of extinguishing a cigarette in a holy water font. This act serves as a metaphor for his recklessness and the clash between irreverence and spiritual yearning, emblematic of the larger existential dilemmas threaded throughout the collection.

Moreover, Cox’s poems reflect a nostalgia for lost moments and relationships, particularly poignant in his reflections on parenting and the passage of time. The imagery is vivid and evocative, whether describing mundane routines like making school lunches or the poignant beauty of familial connections.

However, while Cox’s poems excel in their emotional depth and candid portrayal of human frailty, some readers may find the collection lacking in thematic diversity. The focus on personal anecdotes and introspection may resonate deeply with those who appreciate confessional poetry, yet it may also limit the appeal to readers seeking broader social or political commentary.

In conclusion, “Knowing” by Mark Cox is a compelling collection that invites readers to confront the complexities of life with honesty and empathy. Through his poetic voice, Cox navigates the highs and lows of existence, leaving an indelible impression of vulnerability and resilience in equal measure.

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