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Book Review: Let’s Go Travelling Again by Subhadra Sen Gupta

Let’s Go Time Travelling Again
Subhadra Sen Gupta
Publishers: Puffin Books

A sequel to ‘Let’s Go Time Travelling’ that was released in 2012, ‘Let’s Go Time Travelling Again‘ is another brilliant attempt and bringing forth the glorious past of Indians who thrived and excelled in various spheres of life. This book is important as it throws light on the contributions of the Indians in various facets of life and their success stories that, to date, remain buried under the influence of the West.

Let’s Go Time Travelling Again takes an extremely innovative route to teach history to the children. With no dates to remember, no mention of royal names and no mention of timelines, this book is different from the usual (boring) History book because it has cartoons too! This book will help the children know about the Indian common men who left a mark in the world using their skills and talents. Right from the weaver who made the first loom to Aryabhatta, who demystified the myth of Ketu swallowing the moon, this book houses names that might not have been heard before but they are definitely going to make you feel proud when you come across their stories of persistence and perseverance. Kudos to Tapas Guha for adding these beautiful illustrations. They just act as a cherry on the cake!

A highly recommended book!
Best wishes to the author!

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