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Book Review: Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana! by Jas Kohli

‘Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!’
Author: Jas Kohli
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Rating: 4/5

Jas Kohli has always entertained me with his close-to-reality narrative and smooth language. In ‘Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!’, too, he brings forth a story full of extravaganza, pomp and show. Amidst these exaggerated moments, life rolls the dice for Rahejas and things turn topsy-turvy. Invited to an ostentatiously costly and luxurious wedding, Reeti, the profligate wife, starts spending her days and nights planning for being the showstopper at someone else’s wedding. Meanwhile, her simple yet fabulist husband spends his time saving the environment and living a simple life.

The winds change their course when the couple’s son uncovers an unexpected truth about his father. How this family manages to put up a facade when lights and wedding surround them form the crux of the story. It is hilarious to read about how Rahejas salvage their reputation and family dynamics even though others aren’t aware of their weakness. The satire is enjoyable and apt. Mocking the pomposity of flawed families, the author keeps the narrative light. The characters are sufficiently explored yet the rushed premise forces you to crave for more.

Overall, ‘Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!’ portrays our society’s opulence and sham at the same time. It is an enjoyable book that should be tried.

Best wishes to the author!

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