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#Review: Listen to Your Heart by Ruskin Bond

Listen to Your Heart
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Puffin Books

Listen to Your Heart is an autobiographical account of Mr Bond’s days abroad. His longing for his new family in India and his struggle to find the right vibe in England constitute the story of this book. When given a chance to work as a clerk in England, he took the opportunity yet never really let go of his ink pen. Translating his thoughts and worries into words, he would sit in the room on the roof and scribble those little nothings. Those writings were later translated into his debut novella.

Listen to Your Heart focuses on Mr Bond’s indomitable spirit that kept him going against the tide to follow what his heart yearned for. There are several threads that are opened bare in this short narrative- like the conception of his famous character, Rusty; Mr. Bond’s love interest in the foreign land and his longing to return to his hometown however lucrative the life in England seems. Hence, this book, unquestionably, leaves the readers with a very warm feeling.

It is beautiful in terms of its catchy cover, the faded pages and the illustrations that act as a cherry on the cake. The hardback further adds to the charm and makes this book worth preserving for a lifetime.

Best wishes to the author!

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