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#Review: The Sweet Kitchen by Rajyasree Sen

The Sweet Kitchen
Author: Rajyasree Sen
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Rating: 4.5/5

Aleph Book Company has always impressed me with the choice of titles that they publish. Whether it is politics, fiction or non-fiction, each title has a relevant and lingering flavour. The Sweet Kitchen, quite literally, leaves behind an unabating piquancy. This book is short yet flavourful. It comprises history and origin of some of the most savoured Indian desserts. Whether it is Sandesh, Rosogolla and Jalebi or Payasam, Barfi and Mishti Doi- each delicacy has a story to tell. Did you know that the tri-colour barfi was declared as the ‘Rashtriya Barfi’ by Ram Bhandar? Well, there are several such interesting facts and ofcourse, the recipes that follow up.

The Sweet Kitchen is well-researched and offers a tone that makes the reading interactive. I was surprised to know how the Christmas cake has so many varieties- one of them offered by Saldanha Bakery that offers the cake with icing. It’s even more exciting to read about how the bakeries used to rent out their ovens by the hour and not sell ready made cakes. Similarly, there are interesting stories for every dish and that urges you to binge eat possibly all the sweets in one go.

A delightfully delicious read!

Best wishes to the author!

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