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Book Review: Lose Fat, Get Fittr by Jitendra Chouksey

Lose Fat, Get Fittr
Author: Jitendra Chouksey
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 3/5

Self-help books on diet and weight control swarm the market like bees these days. There are so many authors/ dieticians/ nutritionists to choose from and there are so many ways in which the same information is being presented. It’s an embarrassment of riches! Lose Fat, Get Fittr is another such attempt that aims to guide the readers about weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Busting several myths associated with food and habits, the author deftly brings out the essence of simple living and a balanced diet.

Stressing on the importance of exercise/ physical activity, this book breaks down health into several components like the science behind nutrition and digestion, the actual requirement of fuel by the body, the falsity of several health tips and the relevance of a simple physical activity. I hate to admit that the content in this book is not new; it’s like old wine in a new bottle. However, the inclusion of case studies is what piqued my interest. It’s always easier to relate when you have examples from real-life before you, isn’t it?

Overall, Lose Fat, Get Fittr is suitable for anyone who is a first-time learner. But like the author mentions, continuous learning always promises better results. Hence, reading this guide wouldn’t harm in any way. It’s simple to understand and quite rational in terms of suggestions that have been provided.

Best wishes to the author!

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