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Book Review: The Nest of the Recluse by Suchita Malik

The Nest of the Recluse
Suchita Malik
Rupa Publications
Rating: 3.5

Relationships are complicated. If not nurtured well, the roots can collapse into sudden death. Exploring the pathos of human emotions and tumultuous situations that uproot the beliefs and faith of many, The Nest of the Recluse traces the life of a family that sails amidst the terrible whirlpool of conflicting ideas and notions. Five characters who are determined to cross the bridge as they deem right come face-to-face in this novel when art and spirituality converge!

Shubhojit and Yashodhra differ in their opinions and approach towards life. While Shubhojit finds solace in tracing his roots and finding a stable settlement in the rural setting, Yashodhra finds comfort in travelling and exploring her inner self. Their children, Neelakshi and Hemant, have their own battles to fight. With lucid narrative clubbed with crisp vocabulary, the story traces the lives of these complicated characters. The best out of them is Shubhojit’s mother who turns out to be pragmatic and understanding. Amidst a lot of compromise, adjustments and clearing of misunderstanding, the characters are given a satisfactory closure and that makes the climax of this book beautiful. What didn’t work for me were the elaborate descriptions that, somehow, hindered the flow. Often when there are many characters in a story, it becomes difficult to keep track of their individual struggles. Though the author maintains the simplicity of the stories yet I wished for shorter chapters.

Overall, The Nest of the Recluse is a mature story that deals with a lot of emotions and mental dilemmas at the same time. Kudos to the author for bringing life to this story with the help of her characters.

Best wishes to the author!

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