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Book Review: Love? Maybe! by Nigama RV

Love? Maybe!
Author: Nigama RV
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 2.5/5

Love is a strange feeling. Sometimes it makes you feel like you are on cloud nine while sometimes it drives you up the wall. The emotions are all over the place yet the ecstasy and the jubilation are on the rise. Love? Maybe! Is a story that throws light on the unprecedented path on embarks upon when one is in love! Life can become a roller coaster ride for sure.

Love? Maybe! Revolves around Aira and her love interests. Often the mind and heart engage in a squabble when it comes to distinguishing between love and infatuation. This forms the pivot of the story where Aira is confused between her inclination towards Dimitri, her client’s son, and Alex, the best-selling novelist. The charm of both these men is alluring and just when you think things look complicated, the predictable plotline spoils the suspense. Karl, Aira’s assistant-cum-friend is a likeable character. I liked Aira to some extent but her exaggerated personality, at times, became repulsive. She is fickle-minded and her indecisiveness is beautifully shown through her words. What I didn’t like was the under-developed love story. I am still not able to fathom the concept of falling in love in a matter of a few hours or so.

This book is a quick read and that robs some of the characters of their part. The actions are quick and the narrative lacks the lustre. The story is like the old wine being presented in a new bottle. There are editing errors too.

Best wishes to the author!

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