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Book Review: Loves Lost by Sourabh Mukherjee

Love Lost
Sourabh Mukherjee
Rating: 3.5

If it does not involve walking on fire, it is not love. Love demands a lot and if one doesn’t have enough courage or the will to dive into the unfathomable ocean of love, one should not fall in love. Based on the same concept is this short anthology ‘Loves Lost’ that features five short stories about love. In each story, the protagonist’s quest to overcome the chasm of misunderstanding and guilt has been portrayed really well.

With stories ranging from love at the first sight to unrequited love, Loves Lost touches upon a lot of common themes of love, betrayal, closures and second chances. The stories have a well-constructed plot but fall flat when it comes to the narrative. The author has deftly used imagery, be it visual or auditory, to help the readers become a part of the setting. However, the predictable climax and the lack of events make the narrative sound loquacious. Nevertheless, the collection is well-sought and has a lingering fragrance that is sure to make way right into your heart. Each story beautifully captures those genuine moments of rapture and that is what makes your heart do a little sweet dance out of sheer pleasure. I did not like the title though.

Overall, Loves Lost has been neatly edited and comes with a sober cover. It is quick read and that adds to the comfort.

Best wishes to the author!

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