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Book Review: Mantra Yoga by Jairam Seshadri

Mantra Yoga
Author: Jairam Seshadri
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

One of the highlights of Hindu worship includes the chanting of mantras as these verses are believed to transfer good vibes to the mind and the soul. Mantra is a Sanskrit word that has the power to transform the overall being of an individual. Even though the practice of Hatha Yoga is more common, including Mantra Yoga in the lifestyle lifts up the spirit.

Mantra Yoga is a book that highlights the need of incorporating practices of chanting mantras as they act as a powerful tool to direct the focus on yoga practice. Laced with rational and spiritual reasoning behind the idea of a calm and peaceful mind, Mantra Yoga touches upon several aspects of our society that determine one’s personality and mindset. The one point that I didn’t enjoy about this book was the long-winded description of the caste system and its impact on people’s perspective towards Mantra Yoga. I feel this could have been precise.

Overall, Mantra Yoga is relevant in today’s time when people are reluctant to listen to any form of advice that might help them overcome the chaos in the mind. Chanting of mantras has been followed since time immemorial yet bringing back the essence of this art needs a consistent push. This book does just that. It not only educates but also encourages the readers to try the mantra yoga for the overall well-being of oneself.

Best wishes to the author!

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