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#Review: Misfit Madhu by Divya Anand

Misfit Madhu
Author: Divya Anand
Publisher: Penguinsters

Not all children are equipped with the ability to make friends easily. Some prefer remaining cooped in a corner and that’s absolutely fine. Bringing them out of their shell might seem daunting, but those small opportunities should be offered to give such children a chance. Madhu is a misfit. She’s a nerd. She’s a computer geek who finds her escapism in coding. Hence, when she’s given a window of opportunity and luck, she jumps on the bandwagon and develops School Santhe, an application that provides children with a platform to trade stuff. How wonderful! You wish!

Things go down the hill when Madhu’s application is used to do something criminal. Selling test papers through the app is not what Madhu has in her mind. And then, just like a startling thunderbolt, she is expected to choose. A choice that could wipe out her fame in a flash second or burden her conscience with guilt. This might sound trivial for adults but young children, too, are faced with difficult decisions. Their ability to cross the bridge when they come to it is tested in such pressing times. Hence, what Madhu does not only sets an example but also showcases the plight of every brilliant child yet an undiscovered child. Their talent needs a passage for display; once they get that chance, they’re ready to face whatever comes their way.

Misfit Madhu, as alliterative as it sounds, is a quick read. Madhu’s character has an amiable persona in spite of the fact that she is an introvert and quite shy. Overall, this is an engaging story that will surely keep young readers hooked.

Best wishes to the author!

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