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#Review: Tara and the Friendship Theorem by Chitra Soundar

Tara and the Friendship Theorem
Author: Chitra Soundar
Publisher: Penguinsters

This lovely book is a fast-paced and interesting story about a little girl who decides to use her love for numbers to find a new friend. When Tara and Farida, her best friend, part ways, Farida convinces the former to look out for new people and allow room for fresh friendships to brew. But Tara is reluctant. Eventually, when she is faced with a choice of spending time pining for Farida or enjoying her stay in a new place, she chooses the latter.

Tara and the Friendship Theorem is a quirky story about a geeky young girl who develops separation anxiety because she has to leave behind her true friend and move to another continent. The story deftly portrays the despair of a young child who longs to feel accepted and yearns for a shoulder to cry on. It also touches upon the significance of having supportive parents who are always up for providing that dose of encouragement to their kids.

All in all, Tara and the Friendship Theorem is funny, nostalgic and entertaining. The illustrations by Annada Menon add so much more flavour to Tara’s character. A definitely recommended read!

Best wishes to the author!

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