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#Review: Mistle Text by Whitney Dineen and Melanie Summers

Mistle Text
Author: Whitney Dineen and Melanie Summers
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3/5

This is the second romantic comedy that I have read and I must say, this genre is intoxicating. Mistle Text is set during Christmas. When Holly Snow is offered a job of being a ‘personal shopper’ for Archibald Harrington, she decides to take it up even though she hardly has any experience in purchasing something even remotely expensive. Knowing that the money would help her pay the tuition fee of her niece who is just 5 years old and is under her care, she decides not to fall in love with the handsome and generous, Archie. Things turn topsy-turvy when Holly’s heart intervenes in the choices her mind makes. On the other side, Archie, too, starts developing feelings for Holly. However, the million-dollar question is how will these two individuals, who belong to different strata of the society, come together?

When Archie is faced with the necessity of bringing along a ‘plus one’ at the Chrismas party organized by his family, he finds Holly as the best option. More so, Holly gladly accepts the proposal because she is being paid an exorbitant amount! What transpires next is all mushy romantic moments between Archie and Holly. Yet what overshadows their romance is Faith’s conversation with everyone. She is just five yet she talks like an adult and that mars the development of the story. Unlike the other romances, I didn’t quite enjoy Archie’s and Holly’s chemistry because there was always Faith. Plus, the latter sounded more mature than her age. Hence, the moment love began to brew between the protagonists, the kid’s witty comeback would bring me back to reality. This interruption irked me a lot. I wished for Faith to be quiet many a time.

Holly’s character evoked sympathy because she had had her share of troubles but worries are like her best friend. She is genuine yet her urge to accept whatever gifts Archie offers makes her appear desperate (read honest) in most scenarios. Archie is a character to fall for. He is like Joseph from The California Christmas. He is generous and genuine. He doesn’t lie and accepts his faults readily. Other than him, I liked Toni and Kat. These two characters make their presence felt and say enough using minimum words.

Overall, Mistle Text is aptly titled because the romance begins with a text. The story is a breezy read. You can relish this romance over an extended tea break.

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