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#Review: Royally Rearranged by Emma St. Clair

Royally Rearranged
Author: Emma St. Clair
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 4.5/5

Romantic comedies have always invited me into their whimsical world of make-belief happily-ever-afters. Till now, I had always watched movies in this genre and never knew that the books in this genre had a different ecstasy to offer. Royally Rearranged is one such book. Flawless characters, a royal wedding, the struggle of a princess, a callous prince and an ambiguous duke make up the constituents of this story. Laced with romantic moments that will send your heart racing and activate the love hormone, Royally Rearranged is perfect for a weekend.

Serafina, better known as Fi by Callum, is in love with prince Callum, who doesn’t believe in the concept of arranged marriage. Hence, when a series of drunken letters put Serafina in a quandary, she decides to find the answer to her love herself. Upon visiting her prince charming, she is in for a shock, for he has his hands around the waist of another lady, Brit. Sera’s dreams of a romantic wedding shatter like a house of cards. It’s then that she realizes she has to compulsorily marry Callum because of the familial accord that their parents have signed. Amidst the constant encouragement from Kat, her bestie, and Callum’s sisters to pursue Callum and make him fall in love with her again, Serafina is in a fix.

Serafina is torn between self-love and duty. Guess who comes to her rescue? Rafe! Rafe is like cabbage! The more you peel its layers, the clearer his personality becomes. He’s suave and charming; he is the ideal lover. His obscure collection of words leaves you wanting more. If his point of view wasn’t a part of the story, I would have never believed a word he said yet wouldn’t have had my heart under control. No wonder Serafine struggles with her do-not-fall-in-love-with-Rafe challenge!

The story touches upon the themes of courage to do what your heart says and the chances of finding love in the most unexpected circumstances. I didn’t think I would be writing this but Royally Rearranged is addictive. You cannot just bookmark a page and put it on hold for the next day.

Go for it!
Best wishes to the author!

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