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#Review: Munni Monster by Madhurima Vidyarthi

Munni Monster
Author: Madhurima Vidyarthi
Publisher: Penguinster

It is common knowledge that differently-abled people are often looked down upon or treated as an outcast. However sympathetic their condition might be, they are often assumed to be dependents who come across as burdens on their family members. Cerebral Palsy is one such disorder which disables motor functions in children. Such children often find it challenging to balance posture or execute smooth movements. Munni Monster subtly weaves the idea of respecting and acknowledging people with disabilities. It’s a story that is sure to evoke emotions of guilt, sympathy and compassion for the lead character Munni. And, sometimes, the same emotions for Mishti as well.

The story deals with childhood tantrums when children are unwilling to accept changes that overthrow them out of their comfort zone. Mishti’s life turns upside down when one such change arrives in her life- her cousin grandmother. At first, Misthi looks fondly at the grass that’s greener on the other side. She even attempts to play the devil and give enough reasons for Munni to leave the abode. Yet, as time passes, she comes to grips with the reality, experiences a light bulb moment and learns how affectionate and genuine Munni is. A child’s mind is a maze; if not moulded in the right direction, the thoughts can overpower the willing heart and aid the child go astray. That happens to Mishti too. But, fortunately, she learns her lesson after several plans that backfire heavily on her.

Munni Monster, as alliterative as it sounds, is a fun and quick read. Simple and meaningful narration eliminate verbosity and help the characters come to life. Hence, this one is recommended.

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