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#Review: Murder in the Family by Cara Hunter

Murder in the Family
Author: Cara Hunter
Publisher: Harper Collins
Rating: 4/5

In this gripping thriller, Cara Hunter’s adept storytelling is evident. The relentless pace and the enthralling, tense atmosphere kept me utterly engrossed. Hunter’s skillful portrayal of the characters made my mind get lost in the whirlwind of confusion as I was unable to discern whom to trust until the final moments of the narrative. Hunter has deftly woven unexpected twists, a characteristic reminiscent of her renowned DI Fawley series, further amplifying the suspense and intrigue of the plot.

The dynamics between the various experts and family members, revealed as the murder’s details unfold, intrigued me, particularly as the veneer of certain characters began to unravel. This compelling mystery stole the show with its unprecedented climax and slow-burn revelation.

‘Murder in the Family’ is an irresistible, page-turning thriller, certain to captivate devoted fans of Cara Hunter’s work. Using the mixed media’s assistance in developing an engaging narrative, this story is sure to leave you reeling under the pressure of unanticipated trust issues, fear of the unknown and the danger surrounding unchartered territories.

Best wishes to the author!

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