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#Review: Mahalaxmi Will Go to Mysore by Niyatee Sharma

Mahalaxmi Will Go to Mysore
Author: Niyatee Sharma
Publisher: Penguinsters

The ‘Hole’ Book Series has been a good addition to my bookshelf owing to the heartfelt stories and unfeigned characters that resonate so much with the people we meet daily. Mahalaxmi Will Go to Mysore is another story about giving people a chance and keeping their arms open wide to accept those who are different. Revolving around Mahalaxmi and Ira, two 2nd graders who become good friends, this story will surely melt your heart and prove how innocence is harboured in the hearts of the young!

While Mahalaxmi struggles to mingle with the other children of her Gulmohar Class, Ira finds Mahalaxmi’s personality intriguing. Hence, the latter makes the first move and slowly, their friendship begins to brew. A class picnic to Mysore forms the rising action of the plot when Mahalaxmi is denied permission but Ira, extemporaneous and smart that she is, helps Mahalaxmi solve this problem.

Quick, funny and warm, this story is fun to read. Several children feel left out because of cultural barriers and opening our hearts to all humans is the only form of love that needs to be experienced. Ira is just in grade II but she’s so sympathetic and kind- qualities that we all need in today’s world.

Therefore, just give this one a try! Kids will love reading this story.

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