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Book Review: Neeraj Chopra by Arjun Kadian

Neeraj Chopra: From Panipat to Podium
Author: Arjun Singh Kadian
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 4/5

Who doesn’t know the name of the individual who reigned in the Tokyo Olympics 2020? Neeraj Chopra, the boy with the strongest arm, made India extremely proud when he won the gold medal at the Olympics. Post victory, his name became a common household name and people started googling him every now and then. A biography was expected but not at this stage. The biography by Arjun Kadian serves the interest right, for it provides all the necessary details about this wonderful boy. The author highlights how determination and persistence played a key role in shaping Neeraj’s life. However, the mere purpose of publishing the biography of someone who hasn’t even lived long enough to experience all the seasons of life seemed futile. There is so much more that he has to do and he might desire to do. Hence, this book seems like a full stop in his endeavour to leave a mark on the world.

The book is an interesting read because it focuses on Neeraj’s journey from Panipat to Podium and throws light on the indomitable spirit and his attitude of a winner. Hailing from Haryana, Neeraj learnt several lessons in Javelin and in life alike from people around him. This book is a delight to read if one wishes to know more about the athlete but as a biography, it’s not much useful.

Best wishes to the author!

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