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Book Review: Everyday Gita by Sunita Pant Bansal

Everyday Gita
Author: Sunita Pant Bansal
Publisher: Rupa Pulications
Rating: 5/5

Reading scripture has never been this easy. Everyday Gita just helps the readers get rid of all the hesitation and lurking fear of delving deeper into the spiritual text and getting influenced by it. Everyday Gita, like the name suggests, is like the ‘thought for the day’ books that were used some ten years ago by students to say out a thought during the assembly. The only difference here is that one would be actually reading the Holy Gita and gaining wisdom bit by bit.

The book lays the foundation of the Supreme Being, God, who holds the power to resurrect a pure human soul! Proving that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Everyday Gita is well-paced. It’s not about agreeing with everything that’s mentioned in the book but it’s the pleasure of being able to read a scripture at your own pace.

Overall, Everyday Gita is the right choice for young people who have less time to read and learn about spirituality.

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