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Book Review: Paradise Girl by Phill Featherstone

Paradise Girl
Author: Phill Featherstone
Publisher: Opitus Books
Rating: 3/5

We often come across problems that seem endless and in that whirlpool of negativity, we succumb to our accidental fate. It is true that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and thus, choosing our actions wisely is all we can do to prevent the problems from getting an upper hand on us. ‘Paradise Girl’ is a psychological thriller that exposes the protagonist to one such problem. Even though the solution or rather a prevention is simple, certain actions leave the protagonist, Kerryl, at her wit’s end.

Known to be an introvert by nature, Kerryl is relieved to know that the remote farm on which she resides with her family is as safe as houses from an infectious virus that has caused an epidemic in the city. But the nine-day wonder soon gets over when a stranger steps foot on their farmland as he carries the infection to their doorstep. When gradually all her family members fall prey to the infection, Kerryl, too, loses hope and starts counting her days by documenting each moment on paper. With the help of an imaginary reader, her days of solitude seem less painful but in reality, her mind refuses to be in synchronization with her heart.

With an unanticipated climax (more like a cliffhanger), the author successfully caters to the young minds and that of adults too. With fluid narrative, the story grips the attention for long. However, at certain places, I found the idea and the narration repetitive. Consequently, I had to leave out those paragraphs and move on. But the pleasure of developing an entirely different perspective for the climax was immense.

Overall, Paradise Girl is an interesting read but I think the readers might miss out the fun of the importance of colours in Kerryl’s diary if they opt for an ecopy.

Best Wishes to the author!

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