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Book Review: Meeting the Challenge of Sudoku

Meeting the Challenge of Sudoku
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Rating: 2/5

Sudoku is one of the most loved games. Logic-based number placement puzzle, Sudoku is a grid of 9 * 9. The objective of this game is to fill each row, each column and each 3 * 3 subgrid with the numbers from 1-9. Not only does this game help in honing logical thinking skills and but also improves your number skills. While Sudoku has so many benefits, it is also important to understand the right way to solve this puzzle. ‘Meeting the Challenge of Suduko’ is a self-help book that aims to create awareness about the rules and methodologies that can be implemented to successfully complete a Sudoku puzzle.

Written in a very simple language, this book caters to the interest of new players by providing them with the background of the game, stressing on the ability required to conquer the grid and the tips and tricks that can be used to solve the puzzle. However, it comes as a disappointment that the book provides half-baked knowledge. Most of the points are repetitive and there are no concrete tricks to solve the grid.

I think more focus on providing a step-by-step solution to some example Suduko grids would have helped a lot more. Often textual knowledge is less impactful than a practical demonstration. And that is what this book lacks.

A more pragmatic approach in writing this book would have been helpful.

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