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Book Review: Parenteen by Prakriti Prasad

Author: Prakriti Prasad
Publisher: RUPA Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Parenting in the age of Technology is a tedious job. When the kids are easily fomented if they are denied the creature comforts, it becomes necessary to adopt the right measures to deal with them. Parenteen is just the ticket. The old method of sparing the rod and spoiling the child is now as dead as a dodo. It is time when the parents have to learn to treat the young ones as equals.

Parenteen does not elaborate on parenting as such. Instead, it focuses on dealing with the issues of Teenage children, the most obstinate of the lot. Teenage is accompanied by umpteen problems and to deal with each one of them in the most appropriate way is not possible. Even parents make mistakes. But they spend their life not letting their children go to hell in a handcart. This self-help book comes in handy as it addresses most of the problems and provides easy solutions. All that is needed is an open mind and the will to accept a little change in the lifestyle and behaviour.

Book analysis (content-wise)
Here are some of the star features of this book:

• Creative and well-thought title

• The best part of the book is the illustration of every chapter. With abundant relevant topics like the excessive use of social media, over demanding kids, personal space of kids, etc, the author does justice with the title of the book

• Impressive narrative and simple language acts as icing on the cake

• The book invalidates some of the myths like children like it when parents compare their lifestyle with the former; children follow instructions properly if the parents are stern, etc.

Overall, this book is worth buying because it answers some really important questions in a very logical way. Kudos to the artist! The effort and the research of the author are praiseworthy too. Though there are plenty books on parenting, this one is shorter and more precise. Hence, a good option to invest money in.

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